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I began my detailng career when I was 14 years old. After school I worked at a local car wash in Mississippi for some pocket cash. In the beginning, I was only allowed to do wash „monkey” work, but the detailing part of the business interested me so I eventually took it to the next level.

One busy day at the car wash, one of the detailers was sick so after a 5 minute „crash course” in paint polishing, I was handed a dinosaur Milwaukee polisher and was set free on an old, oxidized single stage paint… So with lots of enthusiasm I started going to town and after a short time, my masterpiece in the making was put to a swift halt with an ear-piercing „What the fuck??!!” Nobody informed young Jesse that the paint he was polishing was very easy to burn, so needless to say the owner got back a van with a multi-colored roof! Lesson learned! So after continuing to hone my detailing skills, duty called and I traded in my polishing machine for and M16 and served my country in the US Army.

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After my tour in the army, I landed a great job working as a detail shop manager with Saturn/General Motors and after some years of working there, I decided to move to Hungary. Much to my surprise, professional detailing was almost unknown in Hungary, so with my knowledge and skills, I opened up a prestigious detailing shop which catered to wealthy owners of supercars, exotic sports cars, luxury and classic cars. After several years of running a successful detailing business, I teamed up with a Hungarian chemist to create the country’s first professional detailing product line, Wolf’s Chemicals.


Aside from detailing countless bad-ass cars, designing and developing his own line of detailing products, I have also been commissioned by companies such as Ferrari, McLaren and others to help them solve their paint and other aesthetic issues that they were having. Luckily for them, I was able to solve their problems thanks to my many years of experience in detailing and paint correction. On top of that, I have also traveled the world with my detailing skills teaching detailing in places like China, Turkey, Greece, Great Britain, Slovakia, Germany and has even held paint correction trainings for the world-famous FLEX factory.

Currently I am RRCustoms trainer

Currently I am pursuing my passion for detailing in Budapest, Hungary at my detailing shop Zenith Detailing.



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Jesse O'Connor